Name: Team Deutschland
Date: 2008
Client: Cyoshi Crucial
My work: Music Composition

Guitar by
Ivo Vollering

Female Vocals by
Marieke Hohberg

Team Deutschland is a satirical cartoon-series for German broadcaster NDR in the style of the well-known British "2DTV"-series . Important figures of the German media landscape are mocked and political leaders ridiculed - and I was asked to do the music.
I had the very satisfying assignment of composing the title theme and several short jingles that should sound like and remind of famous German or international TV shows but of course not be blunt copies.
Being a lighhearted project by nature, it was also very exciting to have to use a completely different musical style for each jingle - I could dabble in Jazz, Classic, Rock, Electro and many other directions. A very enriching experience indeed!