Name: Der Seewolf
Date: 2008
Client: ChrisCreatures Filmeffects
My work: - Animation of seals
- Creation of sealgroups
- Camera Matchmove
- Composing digital water and seals onto real-life footage

Water. Always a difficult visual element to tackle - but ChrisCreatures Filmeffects dared to do it and did so with a highly professional approach.
I was to animate and compose 3D seals onto shaky real-life ocean footage. After camera-tracking and animation, the seals were piped into NextLimit Realflow to get realistic water splashes, which were then rendered in Pixars Renderman and composed in Eyeon Fusion.
The only sad thing: It was a hell lot of work and while the approach worked rather well, you just can't really SEE any of it in the final image.
So don't be irritated by all the red spots in the video above - I just needed to give you a clue of where to look... :)

Seewolf - Quicktime Movie (H264, 9,8 Mb)
Seewolf - Windows Media (wmv, 6 Mb)