Name: Marvi Hämmer presents National Geographic World Seasons 2 & 3
Date: 2004 - 2008
Client: 4K Animation GmbH
YOUA Edutainment
My work: Animation Direction
Compositing Supervision


This cute little guy is the reason I am what I am today. Back in 2004 I started as a humble Lipsync-Artist and throughout the years I moved through all the production steps ending up as one of the Animation Directors of the series.
Being produced in Chennai, India, this project also gave me the chance to go abroad and coordinate parts of the production in a team of around fourty Indian artists.
The video above is a collection of shots I animated is about 4 minutes in length, so I hope you bring some time and bandwidth... :)
Marvi Hämmer - Quicktime Video (H264, 21 Mb)
Marvi Hämmer - Windows Media (wmv, 27 Mb)