Name: Manatu
Date: 2007
Client: 4k Animation GmbH
My work: - Compositing
- Modeling of the chasm
- Animation of liane
- Camera Tracking
- Entire holographic effect

Manatu was a TV feature film for the German broadcaster SAT1 and relied heavily on VisualEffects to tell the story of a family trapped in their own house, bound to play and win a board game to be released again.
There were two main effects - one of them consisted of a deep chasm built as a real set and then extended digitally, the second one was a holographic warrior that appeared hovering over the board to ask questions and assign tasks to the players.
Whereas I contributed work to both effects, the holographic warrior was created entirely by me using Fusion particles and a simple yet effective keying process.

Manatu - Quicktime Movie (H264, 4,1 Mb)
Manatu - Windows Media (wmv, 3,2 Mb)