Name: Flying Orchestra
Date: 2007
Client: 4K Animation GmbH
Ministry of Sound
My work: Animation
Modeling and rigging of tuba
Jup, here is the obligatory ringtone work...!

Some think he's cute and the music is addictive, others hate him and even refuse to call it music...

Well, no matter what side you're on, have a look at my few shots and enjoy the sheer absurdity of what makes huge loads of money nowadays... :)

  FlyingOrchestra_Pic1 FlyingOrchestra_Pic2
FlyingOrchestra_Pic3 FlyingOrchestra_Pic4
Jellybear - Quicktime Video (Sorenson 3, 5.5 Mb)
Jellybear - Windows Media (Indeo Video 5)