Name: Free Rainer
Date: 2006
Client: 4k Animation GmbH
Kahuuna Films
My work: - Modeling
- Rigging
- Shading
- Animation
- Compositing

Now, this was a fun one! :) In the feature film "Free Rainer", acclaimed Austrian director Hans Weingartner demonstrates the absurdity of today's reality shows.
To do this, he creates a fictional show called "Get the super-baby" in which one woman tries to win the best sperm (yes, you heard me right) out of three contestants.
I was asked to animate a given show logo, the logo of the fictional TV broadcaster and to create spermatozoon swarms in order to simulate a sperm race.
Although, in the end, you didn't see much of them, I modeled, rigged, shaded and animated huge Maya particle sperm swarms and let them race - and was henceforth known as the "sperm guy"...and no, it wasn't I who chose the colors... :)

Free Rainer - Quicktime Movie (H264, 4,1 Mb)
Free Rainer - Windows Media (wmv, 3,2 Mb)