Name: Flying Orchestra
Date: 2009
Client: No client
My work: Everything including music,
except Character & Rig
What happens when a fly gets in the way of an enthusiastic conductor? That question and the intention to create my first short with my own music was the main motivation behind this film.

Many thanks go to Ramtin Ahmadi who provided me with this wonderful character and rig through Highend3D.

You can download it via this link: MooM Ver. 4.0.3. by Ramtin

  FlyingOrchestra_Pic1 FlyingOrchestra_Pic2
FlyingOrchestra_Pic3 FlyingOrchestra_Pic4
FlyingOrchestra_Pic5 FlyingOrchestra_Pic6
Flying Orchestra - Quicktime Movie (H264, 5 Mb)
Flying Orchestra - Windows Media (WMV, 5 Mb)
FlyingOrchestra_Pic7 FlyingOrchestra_Pic8