Name: Crocoloco -
The language adventure
Date: 2007
Client: 4K Animation GmbH
My work: Animation, Compositing,
Modeling and Rigging of some objects
An unlikely trio of animals, hidden in a junkyard. Being another project by 4K Animation, this series is designed to provide children with an easy and intuitive way to learn the English language.

While I did the animation in all of the shots featured in the video above, I also did a lot of compositing and modeled the trio's couch and many other junk-objects.

Make sure to read more on this fun project on 4K's website!
  FlyingOrchestra_Pic1 FlyingOrchestra_Pic2
FlyingOrchestra_Pic3 FlyingOrchestra_Pic4
FlyingOrchestra_Pic5 FlyingOrchestra_Pic6
Crocoloco - Quicktime Video (H264, 10 Mb)
Crocoloco - Windows Media (wmv, 5 Mb)